Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Girl Who Couldn't Say No

No, not me, dimwits, although I can hear Sean laughing sardonically as I type this. No, I am writing about the book of the same name by Tracy Engelbrecht.

I started following her on Twitter, as you do, and enjoyed Tracy's tweets about her volunteer work - she started a Young Moms' Support Group in Cape Town.

Found out she was actually a very young mom herself - 14 when she fell pregnant. The Girl Who Couldn't Say No is the story of how she coped.

Not only did she quit school, raise a very fine-sounding son (and next a daughter) and make herself employable and independent, she's written (and had published) a book about it - and then in her spare time she still finds the time to give of herself to other young moms who often have zero resources and are feeling desperate, frightened, alone and inadequate. Not bad for a single mom of two!

Just as a cherry on top, the proceeds of Tracy's book go, not into her designer shoe fund, but towards her organisation - which she has recently registered as a non-profit organisation. Have a look, it's not a depressing read at all - in fact, it's fascinating and uplifting. http://youngmomsupport.co.za/

I ordered my book (feel free to use the handy Loot.co.za link on the side of my blog, hint hint, screw you kalahari and your multitudinous inefficiencies) and it arrived autographed with a lovely message inside.


If this all sounds a little worthy, don't worry.

Quote 1:
"Then came the stitching up of the episiotomy cut, which took longer than the delivery and wasn't half as much fun."

Quote 2:
"Before you have children, you're the star of your own life - The Me Show - with everyone else being the chorus. Then you wake up and the bastards have cancelled you and stuck you on the Series Channel. You've been reduced to recurring guest roles on other people's shows. And the weird thing is, that's okay."

See? All that, and a fine sense of humour too. Go on, buy the book.

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  1. Stunning! To hear about Tracy and what she has accomplished! I want the book as well!