Friday, November 11, 2011

The morning after the sleep training the night before



Ja, it was never going to be an easy night.

But after Wednesday night (can you say FULL MOON?) where Richie kept me up ALL NIGHT (really.), Project Sleep Training was definitely back on.

Thursday night loomed. I put Richie to bed  at around 8. It was quiet. Sean and I ate supper. We chatted. We were right in the middle of an interesting bit of the conversation when, at 9.42 precisely, the wail came from the room.

Right then I knew: 1.5 hours of sleep at a stretch is just not cutting it anymore, my boy. You are breaking your Mom. So I grabbed my phone, my resolve and what remains of my sense of humour and I walked into Richie's room. The plan was: Richie was not to go to sleep anywhere but his cot. I'd pick him up if he got too distressed (and did the "I'm threatening vomit" thing), but then put one angry, arching little guy back into his cot, murmuring and singing quietly to him all the while. Old Rich gave as good as he got and fought us for the full 90 minutes (the longest that Felix ever battled us for in one go as well).

Eventually I was in the cot with him and he snuggled against my back and fell asleep. But no breast.

At 11.23 I snuck out of his cot and went to sleep myself. At 2.30 we repeated the fun, but this time it lasted only an hour. Alison Bentley says only to do the "stay in the cot" thing once a night, on the first waking, but I just had this sense that Richie was beginning to get it already - he's a very clever boy, you know - and that we should consolidate the message. So I went back to sleep toss and turn in my bed at 3.30, up again at 4.30 - this time I put Richie in bed with me (I figured anything after 4 is official morning boob and lie-in time). He had a drink and went back to sleep, up at 6, another suckle, another snooze till 7 (unusually late, this, but only because he'd slept so little in the night).

I'm up for it again tonight. This morning, Richie looks untraumatised and happy. I am as comfortable as one is going to get with this method of sleep training, at least I am right there with him and available all the time, I am not deserting him. And I think this kid is going to respond. I just feel it. Let's see.

This morning I was of course even more bleary-eyed than usual. I went to get dressed and left the two boys playing on their own. When I went to investigate the too-quiet quiet, I found them both in the toilet, like this:

So they're not exactly looking beaten-down, are they?

Also, it doesn't appear to have affected Richie's mental capacity...


Little drummer boy.

So today Sean and I celebrate getting married 5 years ago. We did it on Armistice/Remembrance day (11/11) so that if we don't remember, it's war. (We remembered.) But being so sleep deprived, I drove to the place-where-Sean's-present-is without my wallet this morning, drove all the way home again, and back only to find they didn't have "the item" which they had told me they had 6 of yesterday when I phoned to check. ARGH!

So Sean is getting nothing from me, which I guess he's used to by now. He he.

It's been the craziest 5 years ever, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I love that guy.



  1. Cute photos and video...

    Only one that noticed you were sleep training, were you! ;-) (And that's how it should be!)

  2. Am sitting in a restaurant by myself and laughed out loud about the armistice day thing. Marriage is war....even when you're married to a friendly. Needless to say there are some Arabs looking at me even more strangely than they were before. Happy Anniversary, and please, please, please succeed on the sleep training thing you brave mom you. If you can do it who knows what might be possible over at my house. I too have slept in Ethan's cot. They're very idea what the problem is!?

  3. Catherine - it's going pretty damn smoothly. I know I am not even supposed to THINK that because it will jinx it. But I am thinking it nonetheless. I will tell you all about it when we hopefully see each other soon!

  4. Am holding thumbs and crossing fingers, legs and arms. And looking forward to meet up!