Saturday, November 12, 2011

Taking the piss

Taking the piss is working out swimmingly for us.

In the three/four weeks we've been draining Richie's urine, our pre-operation Richie has been restored to us. That eerily, insanely chilled, happy chappy is back in our house! I can only imagine how uncomfortable he must have been feeling for 7 months. How a full bladder might have bothered him. How constant infections led to a constantly compromised immune system led to constant disease. Constant antibiotics. He's even got those dull teeth of a baby who's been on the fair-enough-miracle-drugs-with-however-unfortunate-side-effects too often.

It's bloody marvellous. He's calm, he's giggly, he's - okay, he tantrums and shouts at his brother and fights the good fight, but he's... well! Clearly interacting more. Talking more. Imitating everyone and everything.

Because I've recently become connected to some other spina bifida families via the Spina Bifida Connection forum, I'll just do the jargon bit for those who may be reading for SB reasons:

[We're draining sometimes huge volumes. Highest yet: 105ml. 1-year-old's average bladder capacity: 60ml. Richie was prescribed Ditropan, a bladder relaxant (scheduled for adult use only) by his incontinence specialist, but we have decided not to give it to him as he clearly is not having a problem keeping high volumes of urine in. This is nice because you have to administer the Ditropan locally, meaning you crush it, suck it into a syringe, and inject it into the emptied bladder at the end of the catheterisation, meaning you add to the risk of introducing dirt and bacteria into the bladder and it's also a mission to do.]

It has been amazing to finally find a forum to ask the niched questions I've been wondering about, and have several experts on standby to identify or answer intelligently. I posted a question about toenails - is it an SB 'thing' that they are absent, weak, brittle, or flaky? Why yes, folks, yes it is. That explains Richie's weird big toenail. It's just... good to know.

Richie has fallen in love with Sean. It's too cute - he demands to be picked up by him, shouts Da-DEEE! when he sees him, even - and this part Sean finds less amusing - says BOOB! while tweaking his nipples...

Everyone's laughing in my family again.

In Sean's extended family, basically everyone (including something like 31 first cousins) subscribes to the dictum:

A joke's a serious thing and a serious thing's a joke.

So I'll just keep taking that piss.

* So why am I, the most sleep deprived person In The World, blogging on a Saturday night instead of sleeping? Because I am moonstruck. Well, Felix and I are. Have you noticed how bright that damn moon is? It's ridiculous! Felix is skipping naps and staying awake in bed at bedtime, tired and quite prepared to succumb to sleep, but unable to. Me too! I'd been in bed since 9, Richie having (also) skipped a nap and therefore been asleep since the, for us, unearthily early hour of 7.30. But my brain kept whirring and whirring, giving the mozzies a decent run for their money.
You can have that extra verse for Ironic for free, Alanis Morrisette.


  1. Yay :). How divine to find your baby again. I can imagine how much you've missed him.

  2. Really good to know Richie and family are doing well!

  3. Ah yes, there was something this week with kids and sleeping -we also had a pretty crappy time and it's not just the moon - we have blockout blinds (second best investment to the espresso machine ever). Also the heat, I think