Friday, December 2, 2011

It's not all supermoms and giggles round here, I promise...

So after my last post I got a lot of responses that suggested I was capable of providing an uninterrupted idyll of childhood bliss for my children, and that that was rather irritating.

Not true.

Firstly, facts were staged and exaggerated, and time condensed, for literary effect. Yes, I left out the TV watching and general 'entertain-each-other'ing because that doesn't justify my fatigue as much, and then I get less sympathy. Which is obviously not the desired result.

And secondly, this morning we had three straight hours of bloody Christmas bloody Barney on repeat ("Happy Kwanzaa!" Felix has taken to wish me, thank you Barney, you're terribly PC and well brought up. By the way, nobody in South Africa has ever heard of Kwanzaa.)

Because Richie has been up since 5, and only went to sleep after a long battle close to 9pm, and in between was up at 3, and that's just not really enough for a 15-month-old, he was grumpy, and he's developed that 15-month-old frustrated SHOUT! and SHRIEK! and it drives me freaking insane, and then Felix doesn't get any attention because his brother is tired and ratty and SHOUTING and I have a sinus headache for the 3rd week in a row that is going to make my head explode if my children don't do it first.

Some days there's no sandbox/ramp game/water play/general hilarity to be found here. Today was that day.

Deprived children.

A note on catheterisation

Richie is passing humungous volumes of urine (like 90ml at a time), so I've increased the frequency of catheterisation. He's also likely to squirm and squirm and SQUIRM after his first or second nighttime wakeup, and because I can't live with the guilt of imagining that he can't settle because his bladder is uncomfortably full, I've started cathing at 3AM (of whenever he wakes up). This mornig there was definitely less squirming afterwards.

Strange thing has started happening - his nappy is increasingly completely dry. I wonder if this is because his bladder is being "trained" to empty itself every 4 hours? But why isn't it passing some urine overnight?

Ah, this is still a minefield, this cathing-and-urine stuff. Sean got an invitation to an International Children's Continence Society's conference in February in Cape Town. I think we must go.

Details, for anyone interested:

The International Children’s Continence Society in collaboration with the Continence Association of South Africa and the University of Cape Town is hosting an educational course titled:    

"Bladder and bowel dysfunction: practical guidelines and latest advances"
Venue: Newlands Sun, Cape Town
Date: 12 - 14 February 2012

     Leading the course will be Professor Stuart Bauer who is President of the ICCS and a Paediatric Urologist attached to Harvard and the Boston Children's Hospital. Paul Austin is Professor of Paediatric Urology attached to St. Louis Children's Hospital, Missouri.


  1. thanks for providing good is very useful for is good article..

  2. Shew! Glad to hear it's not all childhood bliss in "jouma..."-land... ;-)

  3. Whoop-Whoop vir daai kongres! Ek sal dadelik die inligting met my kollegas deel - dis altyd baie behulpsaam om 'up-to-date' inligting te kan kry by kundiges in die gebied.

  4. There is ban on Barney in my house. I am not sure how much longer I can keep it going but the longer my life doesn't involve a singing purple dinosaur the better. Hope things keep getting a bit easier with Richie. He is such a cutie:)

  5. Ag ja you know, not all bubbles and unicorns anywhere REAL.

  6. I'm copying the conference details to SB SA Facebook page and the Yahoo Groups mailing list. Thanks!