Monday, February 6, 2012

Richie's new splints

Richie has been waiting for his new splints since November.

In November, we saw a sore on his foot and it became clear the spints were too small for him. What a terrible time of year to grow out of splints! (Except that Richie scored himself bare feet for the three hottest months of the year - clever boy - while his parents were sweating bullets about that precious crucial under-two time, when all kinds of posture and bone growth things are apparently solildified, running out.)

Long story short, he's had his new splints for a week and even he loves them. He tells me in the mornings, socks - on! Splints - on! Shoes - on! My one-year-old's vocab includes 'splints' and my three-year-old's 'catheter'. That's how it goes.

The good news part is that, from one day to the next,  Richie can suddenly do things he cannot without splints. He can stand straight up, with only the lightest support - perhaps he's holding on to a surface with one hand, or I am propping his bum with one or two fingers.

Me locking Richie's knees into position, he's watching Barney

Richie is a TV addict and I will let him watch as long as he wants - as long as he's standing like this, practising his balance. A compromise where everyone actually wins - could it be?

Richie is enjoying his new skills so much! He loves a new game where he makes me hold on to his hands, then lets go and falls forward into my arms. He cracks himself up. For the first time, he's been stable enough on his feet to be able to do that. And I think he loves the sensation of free fall and the learning about balance that is taking place there.

I have more pics but until somebody under thirty explains to me about the Cloud and how to get the fecking videos off my iPhone and so on, these will have to do. But they give the idea - and show young Richface to be a cute little guy, innit? (Wow he is going through a cute phase. Man!)


  1. Oh he is so cute and my has he grown. And I don't know, my phone and iPad just clouds on their own???

  2. There are teeny tiny hints of baby but otherwise his grownup into such a cute kid. I'm glad to hear he is enjoying his new splints :)

  3. Well done Richie! and yes, he is too cute :)

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