Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Food for the mind

Man, it's been a cultural few days. I had the privilege of seeing Eddie Izzard perform over the weekend. I saw him live, years ago, in London, in a West End production of A Day In The Life of Joe Egg. He was... well, this is the problem when we overuse superlatives the whole time these days. He was superlative. It's a serious show and it was my first exposure to Eddie Izzard and he excelled. I then saw a DVD, I think, of a stand-up show he did and I was amazed at how he would talk for two hours, and at the end of the show every single tread of the complex tapestry he weaved had been picked up and tucked in again. He is phenomenal and if you don't get why I am saying that then we probably can't be friends.

Watching Force Majeure on Saturday night was tiring because it's hard mental work to follow the brain of a genius. I actively enjoyed every minute. The man is brilliant.

And we even went to the Body Worlds expo on the weekend. Sean is less intrigued by it than I am - why bring work home, I guess? - but I have always, always harboured a jealousy or admiration for doctors (damn that non-mathematical brain!) and so Sean offered to go build walls with the fake bricks and cement at the Murray & Roberts mini-building site at Sci-Bono and let me nip out to see the morbid exhibition of cut up dead bodies.

Unfortunately it appears to be very popular and so there were no tickets for me. But I'll try to get out and see it sometime this week - the joys of freelancing, mos. Meantime, Felix and Richie, but Richie in particular, were buzzing in their little-boy bodies with the excitement of being "builders". It was quite something to watch Richie's intense focus, he was completely absorbed in his activities of fetching bricks, moving them along the conveyor belt, dropping them down and bringing them to me (= the actual builder).

So I was pleased and grateful, this week, to be surrounded by all this enriching, thought-provoking stuff.

Richie says when I tell him a story: "Don't say, 'Fluit fluit my storie is uit' like Ouma, say 'The End'."

Okay, Richie.

The End.

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